Konfabulator Updated With Improved Widget Behavior

Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke have released a maintenance update for Konfabulator, bringing it to version 1.6.1. Konfabulator is a JavaScript engine designed for creating desktop Widgets. The update features numerous fixes including disappearing widgets and scolling text fixes. According to Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke:

This point release is all about fixing user reported glitches. So no lengthy text about new this or new that... weill save it for next time!


  • Fixed problem with playing sounds causing some Widgets to disappear
  • Fixed issue with "Hide" option of "Startup Items" control panel making Konfabulator menu inoperable
  • Fixed problems with certain Contextual Menu plugins
  • Fixed several issues with proxy servers and Keychain storage of passwords
  • Improved look of scrolling text
  • Many other fixes and improvements

You can find more information about the Konfabulator update at the Konfabulator Home Page. Konfabulator is available as freeware.

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