L.A. Times Has a Job for Steve Jobs

The L.A. Times has a job for Apple CEO Steve Jobs. An unsigned editorial from the Timesi editorial staff said that, "getting all our machines to get along with each other, and seem cool while doing so" is just the task for the man who took over the digital music market.

The piece highlighted the fact that Apple is constantly pronounced DOA, including the fact that Apple lost the platform wars. This is contrasted to Appleis ability to leverage its "hipness" to enter the digital music market, and the companyis subsequent success in that market.

The author wants to see the company take things to a new level, however, and make computers more transparent, as noted in the quote above.

"The iPod is a success that Apple can replicate on many fronts," the anonymous editor wrote, "which is why Jobs looked more than a little excited last week at the MacWorld show. The new mini-Mac he introduced, which retails at $499, could be Appleis Trojan horse into the video entertainment world, which still doesnit boast a dominant, all-encompassing hub that will link computers, TVs, digital recorders, stereos and-- who knows? -- sprinkler systems. And surely someone at Apple is thinking about an iPod that will gobble up your cellphone and personal organizer too."

You can read the full editorial at the L.A. Timesi site (subscription required).