LAJ Design Updates DropWaterMark With Image On Image Support

LAJ Design has released an update for DropWaterMark, bringing it to version 1.1 . DropWaterMark is a watermarking utility designed for embedding icons and logos within an image for copywriting purposes. The update improves watermarking options and features bug fixes and optimizations. According to LAJ Design:

LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of DropWaterMark version 1.1.

DropWaterMark have four basic modes: replace image, new image, replace folder of images, new folder of images. The replace image replaces the selected image with a watermarked image. The new image opens an image and lets you save the watermarked image to a new location. The replace folder mode replaces a folder of images with their watermarked images. The new folder makes a new folder with the watermarked images.

New in Version 1.1:

  • Watermark an image on an image
  • Setup border height and color for your images for images
  • Various bug fixes and optimization

You can find more information about the DropWaterMark update at the LAJ Design Web site. DropWaterMark is available for US$12.50.