LAJ Design Updates DropWaterMark With Setup Assistant

LAJ Design has released an update for DropWaterMark, bringing it to version 1.3. DropWaterMark is a watermarking utility designed for embedding icons and logos within an image for copywriting purposes. The update adds several new features inlcuding a setup assistant and bug fixes. According to LAJ Design:

LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of DropWaterMark version 1.3.

DropWaterMark have four basic modes: replace image, new image, replace folder of images, new folder of images. The replace image replaces the selected image with a watermarked image. The new image opens an image and lets you save the watermarked image to a new location. The replace folder mode replaces a folder of images with their watermarked images. The new folder makes a new folder with the watermarked images.

New in Version 1.3:

  • added rotate image (0,90,180,270) in Interactive Mode
  • added built in help
  • added setup Assistant
  • added check for updates (including beta versions)
  • Fixed some scroll bar problems
  • Fixed other minor bugs

You can find more information about the DropWaterMark update at the LAJ Design Web site. DropWaterMark 1.3 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$12.50.