LAJ Design Updates eOrdering eCommerce, Widget Maker X

LAJ Design on Friday issued updates to its eOrdering eCommerce line of online product sales software as well as its Widget Maker X application for use with Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger."

Changes to eOrdering eCommerce include the ability for users to add comments for each cost option, an option to show the total number of items in a cart, the ability to save the eSite file in the output folder and more. The software also includes bug fixes as well as changes, such as unique passwords per category, aimed at users of the Professional version.

LAJis eOrdering line is broken into eOrdering Complete, eOrdering Gold and eOrdering Professional, all of which are cross-platform. While Complete is designed for products with one cost option each, Complete enables several options per product, which the company says is very helpful for photographers, while Professional can split a Web site into categories.

All three products are shareware. Complete is US$65, Gold is $75 and Professional is $450. 20-day demos are available for all three.

Version 1.1.3 of Widget Maker X includes several new features, including a Build and Preview button, a Widget Wizard, the ability to enable or disable Dashboard from the widget manager and more. LAJ Design also noted that it offers bug fixes and a reduction in the number of items that require an administrator password.

Widget Maker X enables users to not only manage their Widgets but also make their own by modifying the basic Widgets that come with the software. Pricing for the full version is US$16.50.