LAJ Updates eOrdering Gold With PayPal Support

LAJ Design has released an update for eOrdering Gold, bringing it to version 1.8. eOrdering Gold is an online ordering utility designed for event photographers and commercial artists. The update adds PayPal processing support and secure email. According to LAJ Designs:

LAJ Design today announced the release and immediate availability of eOrdering Gold version 1.8 (was Web Proofs).

eOrdering Gold is a cross-platform application that creates online eCommerce stores allowing photographers or small businesses to put their products online easily.

eOrdering Gold allows small businesses, photographers, and artists to put their products online and take orders online. It was originally designed for photographers orders for proofs online and has been since expanded the larger market of small businesses.

New in 1.8:

  • Added the iPayPal alsoi post processing method
  • Added edit process.php to all the PHP processing methods *allowing you to edit the client email and the html page shown after the order is submitted
  • Added secure email option via PGP or GnuPG to the PHP processing methods
  • Added in processing fee option as a flat fee added to the order

You can find more information about the eOrdering Gold update at the LAJ Design Web site. eOrdering Gold 1.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$75.00.