LXer.com Writer Sees OS X Dominating the Market if Sold For Non-Apple PCs

Tom Adelstein, writing for the Linux news site LXer.com, predicts that "OS X for Intel would change the PC landscape like no other operating system has or could," if Apple was to allow its use on non-Macintosh hardware.

He adds: "Apple should open-source their operating system, port Openoffice.org to Aqua and bundle it for Intel PCis. Offer it for $199 for a home edition and $299 for a professional edition and the world will say goodbye to Windows for good ... With Microsoft Vista borrowing heavily from the OS X look and feel, why wouldnit someone want the original?"

Mr. Adelstein believes that the recent refusal by the team behind the MIT Childrenis Notebook to accept Steve Jobsi offer of free copies of Mac OS X "should have opened Steveis eyes [to open source] ... It makes one wonder why Steve wonit ride the horse in the direction itis going."

He implored: "Mr. Jobs, the whole world is watching. Indeed history is watching. Give us what we want and you will have the loyalty of a planet. Stay with your current plan and you may pick up a few points in market share and thatis all. What have you got to lose?"

Article link found on MacDailyNews.