LaCie, WiebeTech, OWC, & FireWire Direct Release Firmware Updates For 10.3 Users

Earlier today, Apple acknowledged a major problem between OS X 10.3 and Oxford 922 FireWire 800 bridges that could cause loss of data. Later in the day, Oxford Semiconductor, maker of the affected bridge, commented on the issue.

A few makers of FireWire 800 drives have already released firmware updates for their drives to allow the drives to work in OS X 10.3.


LaCie has released a firmware update for:

d2 USB 2.0 & FireWire 800 Hard Drives and Big Disk products
serial numbers 1312xxxxx to 1339xxxxx and
serial numbers 0312xxxxx to 0339xxxxx
Shipped from April 2003 to September 30, 2003

LaCie warns users not to use LaCie FireWire 800 drives under OS X 10.3 until the drive has been updated.


WiebeTech has released (Warning: PDF) an update for its Fire800 and MicroGB800 FireWire 800 drives. WiebeTech also recommends users not use the drives with OS X 10.3 until they have been updated (direct download link).

Other World Computing

Other World Computing has posted a page about its OWC Mercury Elite Pro FireWire 800 drives and a link to an application to update them.

FireWire Direct

Lastly, FireWire Direct has released an updater for its Slimline Ultra III 800, Stingray 800 and Spark 800 FireWire 800 drives. FWD also warns against using FW800-based drives on a Mac running 10.3 until they have been updated, and recommends removing already attached drives immediately. You can acquire FireWire Directis firmware update by filling out the form here.

Even if your FireWire 800 drive is not covered by any of these updates, we suggest disconnecting it immediately if your system is running OS X 10.3, as catastrophic data loss can occur.

If you know of any other manufacturers offering firmware updates, please leave a note in the comments.