Land Your PowerBook At Starbucks (Seattle) With Test Flight Of AirPort

Some people put great stock in exactly who is using what kind of Apple Computer. This is all well and good, but it has come to our attention that a Seattle area Starbuckis has taken to installing AirPort hubs in their shops. With this addition, Starbucks has given Apple users a new and special tool. According to Observer Rob Butcher:

I was in the new Starbucks coffee shop on Seattleis Capital Hill today and saw a tangerine iBook displayed. It was connected via Airport to the internet and had a web browser running for the customersi use. Customeris were also invited to bring their own laptops to the location to log on to the Airport network for free. I saw two Powerbooks using the system. This was a fantastic idea and I hope it is expanded. Starbucks is looking for feedback as to how useful the idea is for people. Hope this is of interest.

Starbucks is looking for feedback on this initiative, so we give you this hearty suggestion. Sit down at your portable and e-mail Starbucks right away telling them that this is the ultimate in coffee shop chic. They are clearly open to the idea, and a blast from the mac Observers would certainly influence their opinion. And by the way- does anyone take the same pleasure we do in noting that this Starbucks is in Seattle? Cupertino we could have called easily, but Seattle? Now that takes guts.

Thanks to Rob for the tip!