Landscape Generator Vistapro Seeks OS X Beta Testers

VendorNation is announcing that its landscape generator Vistapro will be entering the alpha development stage for OS X later this month; Vistapro has until now been a Windows-only product. In advance of that, the company is looking for beta testers for the software, with testers being chosen from among the companyis mailing list members. From VendorNation:

Our OS X development team will be posting regular updates to our eNews e-mail members and selecting qualified testers from our eNews members as soon as the Alpha is ready.

"Our business has a long history with the Apple operating systems," says Yon Hardisty, President of, "As soon as VistaPro became a part of our family of products, we began planning for an all new OS X release. Our company has a rich history of community involvement in our development processes. So, it is natural for us to open up this Alpha to our community members for direct feedback and support".

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OS X users are welcome to join us for future demos, contest prizes, and the awesome multiplayer, strategy game; Galactica Anno Dominari!

You can find more information on (the Windows version) of Vistapro at the VendorNation Web site. Mac OS X pricing has yet to be announced, but the Windows version lists for US$49.99. To be eligible for the testing program for the OS X alpha release, you must register with the companyis e-mail newsletter.