LapCop Gets An Educational Version For Schools

SweetCocoa has released an educational version of LapCop. LapCop is a stealth security utility designed for the prevention of computer theft. The educational version features the ability to configure multiple laptops for widespread activation and security. According to SweetCocoa:

Especially for schools and universities, we have developed an educational version of LapCop:

100% customized for your school or school district LapCop education is customized for your institution. This means that you donit need to configure LapCop on every machine you want to install LapCop on. Just run the installer. Moreover, the contact information will be hard-coded into LapCop, that way, the network administrator will get a stealth e-mail in case a Mac is stolen.

In case your Mac gets stolen, LapCop secretly transmits an electronic beacon to an e-mail address of your choice. This stealth e-mail, containing the internet route to your Mac, together with information about its network settings, provides enough information to accurately track your Mac geographically.

You can find more information about the LapCop release at the SweetCocoa Web site. LapCop Educational is available starting at US$3.00 per Mac for 100 units.