Latest Issue Of ATPM Ready For Consumption

The good folks over at About This Particular Macintosh have posted the latest issue. This monthis features include tips on eliminating SPAM with Outlook Express, and in depth looks at SoundJam MP and BBEdit 6.0. According to ATPM:

The staff of ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh) wishes to announce the release of issue 6.10 for October 2000.

This monthis columns and articles include:

  • You Have Arrived--Tom Iovino explores stock market retirement fantasies in this monthis Apple Cider.
  • My Summer at MetaSynth Camp--Part Two
  • About This Particular Web Site--David Spencer explores fonts, Australia, Mac games, batteries, and digital obsession.
  • Seven Deadly Internet Graphic Sins--Grant Osborne explores things that look really bad on Web pages.
  • Factors in Network Speed--Matthew Glidden discusses fast networks in part 10 of his series.
  • Frying Spam--Gregory Tetrault explores methods of eliminating spam in Outlook Express 5.
  • Desktop pictures courtesy of Lee Bennett and Daniel Chvatik, featuring British Columbia, Canada, and New York City, respectively.

This monthis reviews are:

  • BBEdit 6.0
  • Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
  • CalcuScribe Duo
  • ConceptDraw 1.5.2
  • iMovie: The Missing Manual (book)
  • SoundJam MP Plus 2.5.1

You can find all of this great information at the About This Particular Macintosh web site.