Latest Ultralingua Language Dictionaries Now Shipping

Ultralingua has released a new version of the Ultralingua Dictionary line, bringing it to version 4.0. Ultralingua Dictionaries are language dictionaries designed for improving comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. The latest versions feature enhancements including automatic verb conjugation and expanded language databases. According to Ultralingua:

Ultralingua is happy to announce the release of version 4 of the Ultralingua Dictionaries for Macintosh (OS X).

Those of you who knew earlier versions of Ultralingua are already familiar with the strength of our language products. We offer professional grade dictionaries (both bilingual and monolingual) for education, government and industry.

Version 4 offers an impressive array of improvements. In addition to our hundreds of thousands of definitions and translations, our online grammar references, and other important features, we have now added:

  • Automatic conjugation of thousands of verbs (currently for French, English, German, and Spanish)
  • Modular construction (add several languages to a single interface)
  • PowerSearch mode (using wildcards, etc.)
  • Search for examples of usage on the web
  • Automatic text translation via the web
  • New Cocoa/Aqua interface (for Mac OS X)
  • Expanded language databases
  • Multilingual interface

Dictionary modules are available for French<->English, Spanish<->English, German<->English, English Definitions and Synonyms, and many more languages.

You can find more information about the latest versions of Ultralingua Dictionaries at the Ultralingua Web site. Upgrades from 3.x are available for US$14.95, while the full version is available for US$29.95.