LaunchBar Update Improves Developer Resources

Objective Development has released an update for LaunchBar, bringing it to version 3.2.9. LaunchBar is a search utility designed to find files based on abbreviations and can adapt to a users behavior. The update features performance enhancements including improved developer resources and localized name searching. According to Objective Development:

Objective Development today announced the availability of LaunchBar 3.2.9 for Mac OS X, the companyis award-winning productivity utility that provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, Web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations.

Whatis new in LaunchBar 3.2.9:

LaunchBar now supports localized filenames - applications, preference panes and folders can be searched by their localized names.

LaunchBar further provides better access to developer resources, "index.html" files can now be searched by their parent folderis name - especially useful for searching documentation files, and the default configuration has been extended by a couple of useful developer documentation entries.

And finally, the indexing engine has been further optimized - the "Setup Scan" is now up to 25% faster.

You can find more information about the LaunchBar update at the Objective Development Web site. LaunchBar 3.2.9 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$19.95.