Launch Conflict Detector Update From Casady & Greene

Casady & Greene is now shipping the newest version of Conflict Catcher, bringing it to version 9. Conflict Catcher is a start-up management app designed to detect conflicts between files and extensions. The new version ships with improved conflict testing and a new logging function. According to Casady & Greene:

Conflict Catcher 9, by Casady & Greene, is available now at your favorite retail store and in mail order catalogs. CompUSA, Fryis MicroCenter, MacMall, MacWarehouse and MacZone are among the many retail outlets stocking the new and improved Conflict Catcher 9.

Conflict Catcher 9is ability to switch to the Classic Layer of Mac OS X without rebooting is a huge time-saver for users of OS X. Now, Classic Layer problems are solved quickly and easily!

New in Conflict Catcher 9:

  • Has faster, easier and simpler Conflict testing
  • Logs intermittent problems
  • Has enhanced USB and FireWire reporting
  • Includes MS Office and AOL group links
  • Displays quick hot links to all your startup files and more Reference Library file definitions

You can find more information about the new version of Conflict Catcher at the Casady & Greene Web Site. Conflict Catcher 9 is available for US$79.95.