Lawsuit Against Apple, Others Seeks Class Action Status For Deceptive Marketing

Do you know how when you buy a computer or a hard drive, and the capacity of the drive is, say 40 GB, but you really only get about 37.5 GB? You know how itis been that way since about the time hard drives made the leap to GB measurements? Well, four enterprising suers are upset about it now, and are suing all the major computer vendors, including Apple, over this "deceptive" practice. More importantly, they are seeking class action status so that all the other people who have been "harmed" over this deceptive practice can cash in, too. From a Reuters report:

The lawsuit, which seeks class action status, was filed earlier this week in Los Angeles Superior Court against Apple Computer Inc., Dell Inc., Gateway Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Sharp Corp., Sony Corp., and Toshiba Corp.

The lawsuit brought by Los Angeles residents Lanchau Dan, Adam Selkowitz, Tim Swan and John Zahabian centers around the way that computer hard drives are described by manufacturers.


The lawsuit asks for an injunction against the purportedly unfair marketing practices, an order requiring the defendants to disclose their practices to the public, restitution, disgorgement of ill-gotten profits and attorneysi fees.

Thereis more information in the full article.