Leading Audio App Updated: Logic Platinum 5.2 Is Online

Emagic has made the newest update to Logic Platinum available for download. From the Emagic announcement:

This update provides you with a plethora of new features in many different areas of the program -- a general overview can be found on the special Version 5.2 microsite. All details of Version 5.2 are described in the file named "update info".

With version 5.2 Logic offers a considerably extended feature set including: additional audio routing possibilities through auxiliary channels, more audio tracks, inserts, sends and busses; improved track mixer, optimizations within the automation and further detailed changes. The new Logic version also provides owners of Emagic audio instruments and the Logic Control with several new features and optimizations, making this an essential release for all users.

Logic Platinum 5 retails for The 5.2 upgrade is free for registered users of both the Windows and Macintosh versions. You can read the news release and find more details about this release at the Emagic Web site.