Learn How To Hack A Mac...Or Protect One

SecureMac.com and Freaks Macintosh Archieve have teamed up to release a rather unique product, the Hackintosh CD. The Hackintosh CD contains information and learning tools regarding Macintosh security, and sometimes lack-there-of. According to SecureMac.com:

SecureMac.com along with Freaks Macintosh Archives brings you the ultimate macintosh hacker collection. Freaks Macintosh Archives has been online for 3 years now offering all macintosh users a wide variety of security/hacking related software. The software brings hours of fun. Learn about Security though hacking and hacking through security! Freaks Macintosh Archives Website is utilized by government agencies, system administrators, school administrators, parents and kids alike!

Guarenteed to bring hours of fun.


  • Included is the origional Hackintosh Collection, iThe Whacked Mac Archivesi By Space Rouge - former member of l0pht. No Longer sold!
  • The Defcon 7 Macintosh Security Speech in Audio(mp3 format) and video(real format).
  • Orderable Online securely through X.com

The Hacintosh CD is available for US$20. You can find more information at the SecureMac.com web site.