Learning Imp Education App Updated

Smaltalk Factory has released a new app for Mac users, Learning Imp 1.0. Learning Imp is an educational app designed for creating learning programs and tests. The updae featuresa periodic pable test and statistic improvements. According to Smalltalk Factory:

Learning Imp 1.1b1 is now available.

The MacOS X shareware iLearning Impi is an education authoring tool and learning program. It allows you to create your own dictionaries and offers several different types of tests.

Build your own lessons for language learning or other several categories. iLearning Impi is a highly effective study tool suitable for elementary, secondary, high school and college students.

New in v1.1b1:

  • Simple Statistics Drawer
  • Chemistry: Periodic Table Test

You can find more information about the Learning Imp release at the Smalltalk Factory Web site. Learning Imp 1.1b1 is available for US$20.00.