Learning Through Simulated Executions

Fast Rabbit Software has released an update for Teacheris Favorite Hangman, bringing it to version 2.5. Teacheris Favorite Hangman is an educational app designed to strengthen student vocab through gaming. The new version has performance enhancements including new dictionary files. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

Teacheris, parents, and tutors like Teacheris Favorite Hangman because unlike other hangman style games this one helps students learn spelling AND definitions. Users are encouraged to make their own dictionary files so that their students may focus on exactly the terms which they need to know.

Whatis new in version 2.5?

  • New holiday themed backdrops added for Valentines Day and Easter.
  • Window handle of main game window altered: now shows dictionary file title and close box removed.
  • Style of Correct Answer Is and You Win dialog changed to window style "shadowed box".
  • New dictionary files: 2nd Grade Spelling, 3rd Grade Spelling, 4th Grade Science, Technology TLAs, and Simple Opposites.
  • CorrectDisplay now shows either Correct! or You Win! (Selected randomly)
  • CorrectDisplay window resized slightly.
  • Dictionary Editor main window layout altered and resized to fit 800x600 screen resolution.

You can find more information about the Teacheris Favorite Hangman update at the Fast Rabbit Web site. Teacheris Favorite Hangman 2.5 is available for US$19.95.