Lexmark Debuts 5 Business Printer Solutions

Lexmark International Inc. announced Monday five new business laser printers ranging in price from US$699 to $3,299.

The Lexmark W840 laser printer is a high-volume monochrome laser printer that prints at up to 50 letter size pages per minute. The base model retails for $2,299 and the network-ready model retails for $2,899.

The high-performance Lexmark C920 color printer at $3,299 or $3,549 for a network version, is capable of printing up to 36 pages per minutes in monochrome and up to 32 ppm in color. A 1 gigahertz processor produces a time-to-first-page rating as fast as 9.5 seconds for monochrome print jobs and 13.5 seconds for color.

The Lexmark T640, T642 and T644 laser printers at $699, $799, and $899, respectively, range in print speed from 35 to 50 pages per minute. All three printers use a USB connection.