Life $uccess Releases Acarta Network Messenger 2.6v2

Life $uccess Institute has released an update for Acarta Network Messenger, bringing it to version 2.6v2. Acarta Network Messenger is a FileMaker Pro mail and messaging utility. The update features minor enhancements. According to Life $uccess Institute:

Life $uccess Institute today announced the release of Acarta Network Messenger 2.6v2, a private network mail and messaging system for use with FileMaker Pro 6. Acarta is easily integrated into existing solutions, is fully cross-platform, works with all networks, and does not require any special setup.

The release includes minor feature enhancements.

You can find more information about the Acarta Network Messenger update at the Life $uccess Institute Web site. Acarta Network Messenger is available for US$129.00.