LightWave Beveling Plug-In Released

Shekinah Studios has released an update for VertiBevel, bringing it to version 1.55. VertiBevel is a LightWave 3D plug-in designed for beveling multiple polygons in 3D animations. The update now has OS X compatibility. According to Shekinah Studios:

Shekinah Studios announced the release of VertiBevel 1.55 for OS-X. The widely acclaimed plugin for LightWave 3D is now available on all supported LightWave platforms.
Designed for the professional LightWave modeler, as well as the serious hobbyist, the plugin allows users to bevel and model in ways not possible with the base LightWave package.

You can find more information about the VertiBevel update at the Shekinah Studios Web site. VertiBevel 1.55 is available for US$149.95.