LightWork Design Updates Name Sake 3D Rendering Engine SDK To Version 6.5

LightWork Design has updated its 3D rendering engine, LightWorks, to version 6.5. LightWorks is an engine designed to be used by other software developers in their applications. The new version has several new features. From LightWork:

LightWork Design today announced the launch of the newest release of its flagship product, LightWorks® version 6.5 - the industryis fastest rendering engine.

This newest release builds upon the productis success in the industry by adding significant new features to further enhance its performance including:

  • Perceptual Tone Mapping Perceptual tone mapping has been enhanced within LightWorks® 6.5 to improve both quality and flexibility. This enhanced functionality provides a completely automatic perceptual tone mapping mechanism that does not require user-intervention. This means that users can create natural-looking images more easily, particularly in radiosity or global illumination scenes that contain large variations in image brightness.
  • Roof Tiles Shader The large LightWorks® shader library has been increased further with the addition of a new Roof Tiles Shader. This allows users to visualize a wide range of roof tile shapes and colors which are ideal for use within architectural and graphics applications. The roof tiles shader also includes the analytical anti-aliasing (A3) capability, a feature unique to LightWorks®, which gives superior performance over other renderers and assures the highest possible image quality at any scale, view or angle.
  • Session Manager The Session Manager provides application developers with a high level API to LightWorks®, making it very easy for them to integrate, maintain and enhance their LightWorks®-based applications. By providing a high-level API that is highly customizable, the Session Manager allows integrations of LightWorks® to be completed in rapid time, therefore reducing time-to-market and increasing return on investment for application developers. The Session Manager is now supplied with LightWorks® Lite, enabling all customers to take advantage of this feature.
  • GUI Framework The LightWorks® GUI Framework provides customers with a comprehensive, easy-to-use user-interface which can be customized to suit end-user requirements. LightWorks® 6.5 contains many enhancements to the GUI Framework, including support for localization of GUI components into any language.
  • Japanese localization In conjunction with the recent opening of the LightWork Design Japan office, LightWorks® 6.5 includes full Japanese localization of all user-interface components, including material names, shaders, lights, shader parameters and other entities. By supplying fully localized user-interface components, customers benefit from being able to release their applications very quickly and within a significantly shorter development period.

Supported Platforms

The LightWorks rendering toolkit is available across a wide range of popular UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms.

You can find more information on LightWorks 6.5 at the companyis Web site. For licensing information, contact the company.