LightWorks Opens New End User Website

LightWork Design has announced a Website aimed at users of LightWorks. LightWorks is a 3D rendering app designed for use by engineering and design professionals in CAD environments. The Website is provided for users of LightWorks as a resource for tools and materials for the 3D rendering engine. According to LightWork Design:

LightWork Design, the worldis leading supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software,has announced the launch of their brand new end user Website

The new website is a key part of the continuing LightWorks Content Strategy and has been specially designed for the 1 million + users of LightWorks-based applications, providing them with a unique service that enhances the value and power of their LightWorks-based rendering applications. It includes a whole host of features, tools and downloads to make their LightWorks experience better than ever before.

Key features of the user website include:

  • Articles about the latest technology advances in the rendering industry, like HDRI
  • New, easy to use search function
  • Downloadable Content including AEC materials, light studios and product design materials
  • News about the LightWorks rendering engine

You can find more information about the new resource at the LightWorks user Web site. LightWorks pricing information can be obtained by contacting the LightWork Design sales team.