LightZone Enables Photo Editing in Terms of Light and Objects

Light Crafts Inc. on Tuesday introduced LightZone, an application that enables photographers to edit their pictures in terms of light and objects, rather than pixels. The developer said that such a process "significantly reduces the time necessary to produce better photographs and optimizes the images for print or other media output."

LightZoneis features include: StudioFinder, an image viewer and file browser with an integrated RAW converter that lets photographers view, organize, print and publish photos using a true digital negative format; ZoneFinder, which analyzes an image and displays the shapes, light and color values; ZoneMapper, which provides a way to control and adjust light and tonal values of an image; and RegionMapper, an alternative to layer and mask tools that selects areas and shapes in an image, intelligently blending transformations in the selected regions with the rest of the image.

In addition, LightZone treats original images as digital negatives, never touching the original image file, and it works in linear color space rather than gamma-corrected color space, enabling consistent color and predictable results.

Light Crafts did not disclose pricing nor system requirements, except to say that LightZone runs on Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger." The companyis Web site did not have a product page up as The Mac Observer posted this article.