Like Apple, Microsoft Taps The Daily Show Talent

Apple hired The Daily Show "Resident Expert" John Hodgeman to to represent the PC in its recent TV advertising campaign, and Microsoft looks to be following suit. Microsoft has signed another The Daily Show regular, Demetri Martin to be the spokesman for Windows Vista, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Where Apple hired Mr. Hodgeman to spoof the PC, however, Microsoft is looking to Mr. Martin for a more serious representation of the PC and Windows operating system.

Mr. Martin will be featured in ten online video segments on Microsoftis MSN, and in return the company is sponsoring his upcoming stand-up comedy tour. Microsoft will also buy advertising in Mr. Martinis upcoming special on Comedy Central.

Microsoft has typically taken a more serious route when promoting its operating system, but the deal with Mr. Martin may signal a switch to the more light-hearted approach Apple has been taking with its ads.