LiteSwitch X Update Improves Jaguar Support

Proteron LLC has released an update for LiteSwitch X, bringing it to version 1.5.1. LiteSwitch X is a keyboard utility designed for app switching in OS X. The update features improved Jaguar support and other enhancements. According to Proteron LLC:

Proteron LLC today announced the release of LiteSwitch X 1.5.1, an incremental update to its popular Mac OS X keyboard application switcher.

Since its release in June 2002, LiteSwitch has become the most popular alternative to the Dock for keyboard application switching under Mac OS X.

LiteSwitch X 1.5.1 offers better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and improves support for non-standard keyboard layouts and non-Roman script languages. The update is recommended for all LiteSwitch X users using Mac OS X 10.2 with an emphasis on users of non-Roman script systems.

You can find more information about the LiteSwitch X update at the Proteron LLC Web site. LiteSwitch X 1.5.1 is availablefor US$14.95.