Litghtning CD Available Today

After weeks of waiting, CValley has finally released the first disk of their FlashMuseum series, Lightning. The Lightning CD contains 100 royalty free, non-computer generated images and lighting effects. According to CValley:

CValley, Inc. announced the release of the first "Flashmuseum" series, entitled "LIGHTNING", featuring a collection of light effects. iLightningi is an 100% royalty-free CD-ROM and is available on August 11th!!

This photo CD consists of 100 lightning patterns that were designed by special effects design artists MANUALLY!! A CG software could not possibly make the same image with the same impact and these images are all royalty-free! It could take a good amount of time trying to create these images on your own but it is already here for you to use.

These images could be used by themselves, but you could combine the images to original picture to give a little punch. The lightning image could be used in the background as shown in the attachment. (We also have more sample images upon request. The images are too large to attach to this press release.)

The Lightning CD is available for US$69. You can find more information at the CValley web site.