Little Known iMac Features Revealed

PARIS, FRANCE - Weive all been inundated with news in the past few days about the iMac G5. So much news, that small details can be overlooked.

In a briefing with members of the media attending Paris Expo, Tom Boger, director of Appleis worldwide product marketing, filled us in on small features of the new consumer desktop we found interesting and thought you would as well.

  • The three screws on the back of the iMac are icaptivei screws. Meaning the stay on the back of the panel so an owner wonit lose them.
  • There is a built-in Microphone on the iMac underneath the front between the speakers.
  • The new iMac is 25 decibels quieter than the old iMac.
  • Bluetooth can not be added to an iMac by a consumer. It must be added at the factory.
  • The optical drive on the iMac is NOT dual-layer ready.
  • Why no AirPort standard? "Not everyone wants AirPort," Mr. Boger said. "We felt it should be an option."
  • The arm adapter on the iMac is an industry standard. As a result, any arm that is VESA compliant will work. An adapter kit is available from Apple to make compliant arms work, so the iMac could potentially be mounted on a wall.