LiveStage Developers Invited To QuickTime Live Contest

Totally Hip Software is throwing a contest for LiveStage developers attending the QuickTime Live event in February. The contest includes such prizes as the coveted iPod, cameras and software, and is designed to share knowledge between QuickTime professionals. According to Totally Hip Software:

Totally Hip Software announces an exciting LiveStage Professional contest available to all attendees of QuickTime Live!

QuickTime Live! is the premier event for digital media visionaries to meet, network , and learn how to make QuickTime rock! Totally Hip Software, the Gold Sponsor for this yearis conference, is proud to announce the Big Q-Huna contest for all LiveStage Professional developers: novice and experts alike.

Prizes like iPod, Kodak Cameras, software, and the all-important "Big Q-Huna Robe" (consider it the yellow jersey of QuickTime) will be awarded to winners in a selection of categories, and donit worry novice entries have an equal chance to win.

You can find more information about the Big Q-Huna contest at the Totally Hip Software Web site.