LiveStage Professional Updated With Axel 3D Support

Totally Hip Software has released an update for LiveStage Professional, bringing it to version 4.1. LiveStage Professional is a Quicktime authoring tool designed for interactive Web video content. The update ships with several enhancements including Axel 3D support. According to Totally Hip Software:

Totally Hip Inc. is proud to release LiveStage Professional Version 4.1 for Mac OS X. LiveStage Professional 4.1 now covers all the features required to make simple interactive virtual reality (VR) movies.

The latest release also includes support for MindAvenue’s award winning Axel 3D software. LiveStage Pro has become an indispensable media integration tool in developing powerful, cross platform interactive content, and this latest version represents a major advance in the LiveStage Professional production environment.

LiveStage Pro 4.1 uncovers a whole new set of QTVR features rarely accessible before. Supporting 360&Mac251; panoramic, cubic or object movies, it allows users to quickly and easily create interactive QTVR
presentations. By using new FastTracks, adding a map, compass and directional sound to your QTVR has never been easier. To allow for all of these great new features LiveStage Pro 4.1 has a new script less VR editor that is easy and fast to learn.

You can find more information about the LiveStage Professional update at the Totally Hip Software Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US449.95.