LiveSync4D Updated And Version 2.0 Announced

MDG Computer Services, Inc. has released an update for LiveSync4D, bringing it to version 1.0.9. LiveSync4D is a utility designed for the live synching of 4D databases. The update features bug fixes and performance enhancements. Also announced is the upcoming release of LiveSync4D version 2.0. According to MDG Computer Services:

MDG Computer Services, Inc., announced today that they are releasing an update to LiveSync4D and also announcing the next major release.

LiveSync4D 1.0.9 is a free maintenance release for all those running LiveSync4D 1.x. It contains some fixes and improvements and all those running 1.0x should upgrade.

LiveSync4D 2.0 is being announced today and will be shipping by the end of the year.

LiveSync4D 2.0 will no longer require a dedicated IP Address for all computers. This means that if you are behind a firewall or even use DHCP, you will still be able to sync your 4D records in both directions.

LiveSync4D 2.0 will add the ability to sync external files and folders. If your custom 4D database relies on external HTML files or creates PDF files, you will be able to sync these files to your backup servers or remote users.

LiveSync4D 2.0 will speed up the sync’ing process to be much faster than in previous versions. Besides being much faster, an option will be available to keep the different databases connected via TCP/IP without closing and opening connections.

LiveSync4D 2.0 will add a Developer’s Communication Layer. This will allow developers to execute methods and get results from different computers.

You can find more information about the LiveSync4D MDG Computer Services, Inc. Web site. The LiveSync4D update is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$295.00.