Live Channel Line Now Discounted

Channel Storm has reduced the Live Channel Line of software following the success of several worldwide live events. The Live Channel line is a broadcasting app designed to replace a television studio for live broadcasts over the internet. The apps have many professional features standard on broadcast television control boards. According to Channel Storm:

Following Live Channelis rapid adoption as an instrumental live broadcasting solution, and its huge success when spotlighted in several worldwide live events and seminars, Channel Storm is transforming its brand-awareness into market-share by rolling out a popular version of its highly successful Live Channel product, and by pricing its newest professional version below $1,000 with a special discount for education.

Live Channel is the worldis first software-only solution designed to replace a television studio, enabling anyone to produce and broadcast live media over the Internet. Superseding complex and expensive equipment, Live Channel creates a virtual live television studio on a desktop or laptop computer without any additional hardware, handling all the production and broadcasting steps in a single, easy to use software application.

Live Channel supports multiple live video and audio sources, recorded clips, still images, logos, graphics and text. Moreover, it enables video switching, compositing and professional transitions, all with real-time anti-aliasing. Finally, using its embedded server it streams the programs as they are being produced for service-free webcasting. Live Channel provides QT 5.0.2 and Mac OS 9.2 support.

You can find more information about the Live Channel line of broadcast apps at the Channel Storm Web site. Live Channel Lite is available for US$199.00, and Live Channel Pro is US$999.00.