Live It Up Large Style With "Sims" Add-on

Aspyr Media has finally released the long awaited expansion pack to their smach hit title, The Sims. The Sims Livini Large includes a number of new objects, neighborhoods, occupations, and skins to spice up the life of your Sims. While game play will remain largely unchanged, the expansion pack does add life to the game. According to Aspyr:

A new look, new friends, a new you, plus the best of the web, The Sims Livini Large Expansion pack makes living a whole new experience for your Sims.

With the new furniture and architecture, you can create rustic turn-of-the century houses, garish Vegas-style lounges, medieval castles and retro/sci-fi "Homes of the Future." Combine these architectural styles with custom skins to create your own look and feel for the game!

Just when you thought you mastered The Sims, several new characters have been added -- and not just skins, either! Plus, youill be able to interact with them in totally new ways.

There are also some new career tracks, including Slacker, Paranormal, Hacker, Musician, and Journalist. And at home, there will be several new ways to develop your Simsi personalities and skills.

The Sims Livini Large expansion pack is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Aspyr Media web site.