LoTR: The Two Towers: New QuickTime Trailer & Much More

Tolkien fans, your ship has come in. If you havenit been to the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers official movie site lately then you will have not seen the new trailer. The trailer appeared on AOLis site on Sunday night as a Real file, causing some LoTR fans to worry that it might not appear in the QuickTime format. Late on Monday night, however, the file appeared as a QuickTime file at the above linked LoTR site. This is different from the trailer currently being offered at Appleis trailer site, which as of this writing has not been updated with the new trailer.

The trailer is so long youid think you were watching the movie, especially in the full screen mode. (We suppose thereis no danger of spoiling the plot.) December 18th is still a long ways off but this trailer should keep your whistles whetted at least until Thanksgiving. Thatis not all; the site has exclusive QuickTime Behind-the-Scenes videos, pictures suitable for your desktop, and much more. So go gobble it up! (Sorry, couldnit help ourselves.)