Locating Unused FM Radio Frequencies

FM radio transmitters offer a convenient way to get music from your iPod to your stereo, and for some people are a perfect match for their wireless needs. If you live in an area that is home to lots of radio stations, however, it can be a real pain finding an unused frequency to take advantage of.

Instead of using trial-and-error to find the best frequencies in your area, fire up your Web browser and pay a visit to Radio-Locator. This Web site keeps track of the open FM radio frequencies in the U.S. and lists the best options in your area based on ZIP Code.

Radio-Locator lists the open FM frequencies in your area.

Before using an open frequency, be sure to double-check and verify that it really is available. The easiest way is by tuning in with an FM radio.

Thanks to Jay Nelson from Design Tools Monthly for pointing out this cool site.

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