LogMeIn Released for Mac OS X

LogMeIn Software released a free preview version of its legacy PC platform, LogMeIn for the Mac on Tuesday. The free application allows remote users on any OS to securely log in to a Mac, view and control it.

LogMeIn has been used by Mac, Windows and Linux users for years to access PCs. One of its primary uses is remote diagnostics by, for example, Geek Squad. The Mac OS X version is the basic version that allows users on any OS to see and operate a remote Mac, but not print or transfer files. A version that can do that is expected in late fall or early winter.

LogMeIn for Mac OS X

TMO spoke with the VP of communications, Joe Eckert about security. He explained that the initial authentication is via two outbound connections, via their server, in order to authenticate the connection. This eliminates the need to worry about open ports, bypass firewalls, etc. However, after the initial authentication, the connection is point to point, eliminating concerns about private data passing through their servers.

On the Windows and Linux side, more capable products such as the "Pro","Rescue" and "IT Reach" products carry a fee, and thatis the business model that allows a free, introductory version.

"The basic Mac OS X version will always be free for the Mac," Mr. Eckert said. "Also, your readers should know that we have a major corporate clients such as IBM, Phillips Medical, Geek Squad, and especially General Electric whoive put us through the wringer on security."

Mr. Eckert also compared the performance of LogMeIn, which uses a Browser interface, to be on par with Apple Remote Desktop or Timbuktu.

LogMeIn for the Mac is still in preview mode, not meant for a production environment, but is described as in very shape. It is automatically updated. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.