Long Live The iMac, Or At Least iMac Colored Water Coolers (With Pic)

Though many are pointing to Appleis most recent product announcements and industrial design as evidence that the fruit colored iMac is on its last leg, the multi-colored craze the little computer started lives on. We have seen "iMac Colored" items from nearly all walks of life, from phone to staplers, pens to toys. The latest product, however, has really caught our attention.

Observer Rambler 123 sent us the following note with the attached picture:

Just thought Iid forward you a scan of the latest ad for Cedar Springs water here in Canada. Strangely, they seem to be inspired by a certain home computer.

Who would have thought?


We are not sure what type of office these coolers would look good in. Perhaps one that has an iMac on every desk? :-) However you look at it, it is interesting to see the iMac craze still having an impact on industrial design in fields totally unrelated to computing.