Looking For Web Server Space? MacVillage Has You Covered

MacVillage has updated their Web hosting service. In addition to the current free Web hosting program, MacVillage hosting will now offer a "premium" service for users, offering more drive space and banner free pages. According to MacVillage:

MacVillage.net today launched a much anticipated renovation of an existing service titled MacVillage Hosting.

Since September, MacVillage.net has been providing free web space. Many members have chosen to take advantage of this very successful service. Now in addition to a revamped free web space service, there is now paid hosting available. For as little as $5.00 a month, users get 30 MB of web space, unlimited email, and a free yourname.macvillage.net URL. Not to mention no more banner ads on the top of every page. For a few more dollars, users can get even more space, and Akami optimization. The popular free web space service will continue to be available, as it is one of MacVillage.netis most popular services.

You can find more information about MacVillage Hosting at the MacVillage Web site.