Lost in the Crowd Muddles Search Engine Profiles

Unspam Technologies, Inc. on Monday initiated Lost in the Crowd, which enables users to register their search engine cookies with the service. It then runs random searches through the search engines with those cookies, creating muddied user profiles that protect them if their information is made public, something which happened to AOL users just recently.

Unspam CTO Eric Langheinrich said in a press release: "Itis as if you had a bunch of monkeys running searches on your behalf. While search engines would still see your real searches, it would be hard for them, or anyone who may subpoena their data, to separate those searches you care about from those the monkeys randomly typed in. Your identity, in any meaningful way, becomes ilost in the crowd.i"

Lost in the Crowd currently supports AOL, Ask.com, Google, MSN and Yahoo!.