Lots Of Mac User Group News At This Week's Mug Center

The MUG Center has updated its Web site with lots of new events and other information. There is news about a US tour of MUGs by Dave Marra of Apple, news from Japan, information about a Microsoft Mac usability study, and more. From the MUG Center:

DAVE MARRA OF APPLE ANNOUNCES MUG DATES Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra has announced more dates on his continuing tour of Macintosh User Groups in the Northeast United States. You can see Dave in action at these Macintosh User Groups: - May 11: Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (a Windows group!) - May 13: MUG ONE (Macintosh User Group of Oneonta) - May 14: RockMUG Macintosh Users Group - May 21: Lehigh Valley Computer Group (A Windows/PC group!) - June 25: Upstate (NY) Apple Users Group

REGIONAL LIAISON REPORTS ON IWEEK IN JAPAN Chise Mishima has filed a report on iWeek, the annual user group event in Japan. While Chise provides official links and photo galleries, we found another link showing her in action on iWeek TV.

BOSTON FINAL CUT PRO UG GETS WRITTEN UP NewEnglandFilm.com has published a very favorable article about The Boston Final Cut Pro User Group. Read the article then listen to BOSFCPUGis president, Dan Berube, in a recent edition of The User Group Report.

ANOTHER MUG BUS TRIP TO MACWORLD EXPO The Connecticut Macintosh Connection of Hartford will be running a bus trip to MACWORLD Expo in New York on July 18. MUG bus trips are a great way to connect with other Mac users and enjoy the Expo spirit with friends. Details are available on their Web site.

MICROSOFT MACINTOSH USABILITY STUDY Lorene Romero, Vendor Liaison for the User Group Advisory Board, has provided information on an invitation from Microsoft for Macintosh User Group members to participate in their usability studies. Microsoft has been publishing some great products for the Mac over the past few years. They have also been an increasingly strong supporter of Macintosh User Groups. Hereis a chance to show your appreciation, demonstrate the strength of the MUG community and participate in the improvement of software that is very important to the well-being of the Mac platform. The studies can be done at a time of mutual convenience, and you can earn a gift for participating. Complete details are available on the Mactopia Web site.

Coming Up This Week On The MUG Event Calendar

  • May 7
    • User Group Leader Chat - World Without Borders This month: Rowan Rozanski of the Colorado State Macintosh Users Group
  • May 9
    • Digital MUG Chat - World Without Borders
  • May 11
    • Greater Cleveland PC Users Group - Dave Marra of Apple
    • Apple Corps of Dallas - Shawn Kingis "Your Mac Life Tour"
    • Main Line MUG - "Dr. Bob" Levitus

You can find more information on all of these events at the MUG Centeris Web site.