Lotus Still Backing Mac Version Of Notes

Lotus has reaffirmed their commitment to a Macintosh version of their Notes groupware software. Lotus Notes allows users to easily, and securely, exchange files, chat, e-mail, share programs, and collaborate in a wide variety of ways, all in a secure, protected environment. According to Lotus:

Lotus and Iris recently commissioned a Notes client platform survey, which was hosted here on Notes.net. The responses to the survey helped Lotus and Iris gain metrics and a comprehensive profile of Lotus Notes customers who use the Macintosh client. Lotus and Iris are pleased to reaffirm the commitment to the Macintosh version of Lotus Notes. The following two activities demonstrate this commitment:

  • For Notes R5 on Macintosh, we are aware of a deployment-blocking interoperability issue with Adobe Type Manager. This issue has been reported, fixed, and is planned to be included in an upcoming maintenance release. In the process of addressing this issue, we have made significant improvements in Notesi graphical refresh response.

  • The first public beta of the next release of Notes, code-named "Rnext," includes the Macintosh version of Lotus Notes. Notes Rnext for Macintosh incorporates many new features from Notes Rnext, and also includes new Mac-specific features and improvements. Beta 1 includes such improvements as better memory management and integration with Mac OS features such as keychain support. Significant development work is underway on additional features that will be available in upcoming beta releases. Lotus and Iris encourage you to take a look and provide us with your feedback.

You can find more information at the Lotus Notes Web site.