Low End Mac: Looking For A Death Knell

Our friends at Low End Mac are offering a bit of humorous commentary on the "Apple is doomed" crowd by, well, asking for an Apple Death Knell citation from TMO. This refers to our Apple Death Knell Counter, a project intended to track all of the predictions made that Apple is dead or dying. Written by Jeff Adkins, the piece looks at how there is little new in the quest from many to wish Apple into oblivion. From the article:

The Death Knell itself has to be based on some flaw that everyone agrees is a market-share killer. We could use the Enderle "It ainit Windows so itis doomed" analysis or the perennial favorite "one mouse button sucks" argument.

Just this last week I heard the "why wonit Apple throw money at developers?" argument. "How about "success brings unwarranted attention from Apple Corps" or "proprietary operating systems have no chance against open source" or "market share is shrinking" or "Mac users are fanatic unreasoning slobbering fools" or "thatis what they use in business" or the subtle "single platform organizations are simpler."

Such a wealth of reasons.

I know! Iill use them all, and thatill give me the most qualified Death Knell ever!

Make sure you read the full article at Low End Mac; itis an entertaining read.