LuraTech Releases SDK And Photoshop Plug-In

LuraTech has released two new JPEG apps for the Mac community, LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK 1.4 and LuraWave.jp2 Photoshop Plug-in. The LuraWave SDK(software development kit) 1.4 is designed for the compression/decompression of image files in any app. The LuraWave Photoshop Plug-in is designed to extend Photoshop functionality by saving files in the LuraWave.jp2 format. According to LuraTech:

LuraTech has just extended its family of .jp2 (JPEG2000) products to include the MAC community. Now MAC developers can take full advantage of integrating LuraWave.jp2 image compression/decompression functionalities into any application. LuraWave.jp2 C-SDKis offer all the features of the utility through a DLL (Dynamic link library) or shared library calls. The LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK includes all functions for compressing and decompressing images. Users can control compression degrees (lossless or lossy), determine alternative image size or quality, compress inside RAM or within files, password protect images, compress with enhanced regions, etc.

The LuraWave Photoshop plug-in:

Now Macintosh Users can save Photoshop images as LuraWave.jp2 files. This new Plug-in extends the functionality of Adobe Photoshop, the leading software application for image processing. In addition to this the capabilities Photoshop offers are now available for images compressed using LuraWave.jp2 compression.

You can find more information about LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK 1.4 and the LuraWave Photshop Plug-in at the LuraTech Web site. LuraWave.jp2 C-SDK 1.4 is available as an SDK starting at US$2,500 and the LuraWave Photshop Plug-in is available for US$79.00.