Lynn Fredericks, the "Henna Gaijin," On Tonight's Mac Show

Lynn Fredericks, the Henna Gaijin, will be featured on tonightis Mac Show. Along with Lynn talking about what to expect at MACWORLD Tokyo, the Mac Show will have Freemont High School representatives on talking about how they have incorporated iBooks into their learning environment. According to the Mac Show:

Macworld Expo Tokyo is coming up next week and The Mac Show wants to give you all the details of what a Japanese Mac Expo is all about!

But, due to reasons beyond their control (namely, the Host of the show has an ungodly fear of being cooped up in a metal tube over the Pacific Ocean for hours on end), The Mac Show wonit be at the Tokyo Expo.

But the "Henna Gaijin" will be!

Lynn Fredericks, President of Proactive International, will be attending the Tokyo Expo and heill let you in on the dois and donits of traveling, staying, eating and being at Macworld Tokyo!

Do you think you would have been more focused in High School if you had an iBook to work on? Do computers make school easier or better? What is Appleis relationship with their Education Market *really* like?

These questions and more will be put to the Principal of Fremont High, Peter Tuana and the Digital Coordinator of the school, Graham Clark on Wednesdayis Mac Show.

On the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Chris Breen, of Macworld magazineis Mac 911 column, will talk about home video production and the trials and tribulations thereof.

Peter Cohen of MacCentral will have all the Game News and Mark Stevens will have another segment of Mac Media Pro. And, as always, they have lots of other swag to give away - Podium Coolpads, "Down & Dirty Photoshop 6 Tricks" by Scott Kelby and t-shirts from!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday evening from 9-11:00PM EST.