M-Audio Announces Combo FireWire Audio Interface/MIDI Controller

M-Audio has announced a new FireWire audio/MIDI controller called Ozonic. The 37-key keyboard offers not only full MIDI functionality, but will serve as a FireWire audio interface, as well.

The Ozonicis 37-note keys are velocity sensitive, with three zones and assignable aftertouch. In addition to the keyboard, there are 40 assignable MIDI controllers, including a joystick (with two assignable controllers per axis), 8 knobs, 9 sliders with drawbar mode, 9 buttons, pitch and mod wheels. The device also offers sustain pedal input and expression pedal input, and the five transport controls are also MIDI assignable.

According to M-Audio, all MIDI controllers are fully programmable to MIDI controller number and unique MIDI channel. The Controller Mute function mutes controller output "to avoid parameter jumps until the Snapshot feature is invoked."

M-Audiois Ozonic

On the audio interface side of things, the Ozonic offers a 4 x 4 analog audio interface that operates at up to 24-bit/96kHz fidelity. Inputs include XLR microphone input with phantom power, a 1/4" instrument input and stereo 1/4" TRS lines-in. It also includes two pairs of 1/4" outputs (TRS and TS) with volume sliders, as well as a headphone output with independent level control for mixing and monitoring. Lastly, the Ozonic features direct hardware monitoring.

The Ozonic is FireWire bus-powered for mobile operation or can optionally be powered via a 12V DC adapter. Registered owners can download a free copy of the Enigma editor/librarian for managing and storing unlimited setups.

The Ozonic will ship in December of this year, and will retail for US$599.95. You can find more information on the product at M-Audiois Web site.