M-Audio Releases StudioPro 3 Professional Desktop Speakers

M-Audio announced Monday the release of new professional desktop audio monitors called StudioPro 3. The speakers are priced under US$100, but are built from MDF, rather than plastic, and include fiberglass insulation for bass response, as well as a custom bass-reflex port. The speakers also have built-in active equalization and crossover networks.

The speakers are built around 3.25" low-frequency drivers, and a 1" high-frequency dome. Both drivers are magnetically shielded in order to protect against interference coming from the speakers (for those with a CRT on their desktop), or coming into the speakers.

For those concerned about low-end response, the unit also includes a custom bass-reflex port that the company said works with the woofer and the cabinet together to produce a natural bass sound. The speakers also include a "Bass Boost" control for further adjusting the low end.

In addition to the main RCA input jacks on the rear, the speakers also include a stereo Aux input on the front panel for connection of devices like digital media devices (read: iPod). The unit also includes a front-panel stereo headphone output that mutes the sound from the monitors. In addition, the StudioPro 3 contain an internal power supply that can operate with AC power sources ranging from 100V to 240V (50-60Hz), allowing you to use them anywhere in the world.

Lastly, the speakers come with stands.

On the geekier side: Specifications for the StudioPro 3 include 100Hz - 20kHz ±3 dB frequency response, 2.3kHz crossover frequency, greater than 80dB dynamic range (typical, A-weighted), input impedance of 10k ohms unbalanced and input sensitivity of 90dBA SPL at 1 meter with 100mV pink noise input (volume control at maximum).

The StudioPro 3 speaker setup is priced at $99.95, and you can find more information at M-Audiois Web site.

StudioPro 3 from M-Audio