MAC-O-RAMA Is Moving, And Throwing A Sale To Celebrate

MAC-O-RAMA is moving, and to celebrate and clear inventory, they are holding a month long super sale. This is a great chance to pick up some of those software titles and hardware accessories for which you have been holding out. According to MAC-O-RAMA:

Holy Smokes! MAC-O-RAMA is moving to Nevada and we are clearing outinventory! We are celebrating the relocation with a month-long sale! Weive got the hottest titles, the well-loved classics, learning softwarefor your little ones and tons of other Mac stuff... All at fabulous,must-go prices!

Check out this weekis specials:

  • Allied General $14
  • AppleWorks 6 $79
  • Arthuris 1st Grade $15
  • ATI Radeon AGP $229
  • Backyard Soccer: MLS Edition $19.99
  • Balduris gate $18
  • Bingo, Bingo, Bingo $15
  • Blueis Birthday Adventure $29
  • Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far $23
  • Design and Print Studio $19.99
  • Diamonds 3D $9
  • Disneyis Hunchback of Notre Dame $9
  • Grape CoZo Speakers $19.99
  • Much, much more...

You can find these great sales, and get a first hand look at the new site design, at the MAC-O-RAMA Web site.