MACWORLD NY Attendees To Get A Look At The Marvel Of Maya

When Alias|Wavefront gave users a sneak peak at Maya for Mac OS X at Januaryis MACWORLD Expo in San Francisco, the Mac world was totally blown away. Seven months later, Alias|Wavefront expects to put the full power of Maya for OS X on display at the MACWORLD New York show. Maya has been used to create stunning 3D visual effects for some high profile movies, including Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. According to Alias|Wavefront:

In May 2000 Alias|Wavefront announced its intention to port Maya Complete to the Mac OS X platform. We gave the world its first peek at Maya on the Mac at MacWorld in San Francisco, January, 2001 and Macworld in Tokyo in February. This page offers some highlights from those shows.

About Maya for the Mac OS X
The core features of the OS X version of Maya will be the same as those in the version of Maya Complete 3 for Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional and IRIX, except for features specific to an operating system.

Maya on the Mac will be designed to work with all other Macintosh applications and therefore will let you use any of the Macintosh-based compositing solutions.

You can see Maya at next monthis MACWORLD Expo from July 17-20. You can also find more information at the Alias|Wavefront Web site.